The Dataline APA+ TOTAL Process Accuracy Guarantee* provides customers with 100% confidence that payables which have flowed through our system processes will be accurate, fully validated, approved and loaded to their account system ready for payment.

If errors are detected in our process, they are routed off for correction, not simply pushed through “hoping for the best”.

* Qualification:
The Dataline APA + Guarantee applies to the process and corresponding service offered to Dataline APA+ customers only. It incorporates the end to end process which includes the latest OCR scanning, human checking of each scanned invoice and the matching with workflow requirements, the subsequent approvals and exceptions process that is created for each individual client.

The Guarantee does not apply to errors detected with Invoices that cannot process, have missing or incomplete data, and are identified and routed for inspection and manual correction. Dataline provides no Warranty against data missing off invoices supplied, or workflows that have to be dealt with as exceptions resulting from unforeseen circumstances placed on the client of DATALINE APA+ by its suppliers, concerning the quality and accuracy of their invoice submissions.

Please be aware that DATALINE has a system to handle all foreseen types of exceptions and errors in input data, but due to the nature of occasional errors from suppliers, (for example Purchase order incorrect, incorrect ABN) new types of errors can arise from time to time.

Where the Guarantee is applicable, the customer shall be fully refunded all Dataline processing fees for the invoices in question only for the month of the occurrence.  Dataline shall not otherwise be liable for any consequential loss or expense relating to the occurrence.

DATALINE APA+ Total Process Accuracy Guarantee 7th January 2017