Since 1987, Dataline has been at the forefront of MICR technology in Australia

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) provides highly secure and accurate text recognition.

Our hardware and software supports your business efficiency with reliable and secure MICR cheque processing.

Some of our clients: processing payments securely with MICR

Dataline - MICR Solutions

MICR printers that adhere to Australian standards

We partner with Lexmark and Source Technologies to offer MICR Cheque printing using the laser printing technology.

Reduce negotiable document processing costs, eliminate pre-printed inventory, enhance security and improve customer service.

Our MICR printers range from 35 to 53 ppm and include:

  • cheque fraud protection
  • password protection
  • drawer and front panel locks
  • toner detection
  • security fonts

Each model features Source Technologies’ industry-leading MICR security features, such as multi-level passwords.

Dataline - for all your MICR needs

Higher yield MICR toner for cost efficiency

With over 30 years’ experience in the MICR printing industry, we have spent considerable time and effort to source the highest quality MICR toner cartridges.

All cartridges are originally manufactured with MICR toner and yield up to 50% more pages than remanufactured cartridges. We apply strict quality control to ensure that all of our toner adheres to Australian banking standards.

We provide MICR toner for the following printers:

  • Lexmark - E260, E460, X464, X466, T654, T650, MS310, MS610, MS810
  • Ricoh - SP5200, SP5300, SP8300, SP8400
  • HP - M602, M603, M604

Please give us a call if your MICR printer model is not listed.

Does your business require secure cheque printing as a service?

Dataline can handle your payment processing needs without the overhead cost, labour, or stress that comes with heavy volume.

Cheque production, dispatch, remittance and processing of your non-cheque payments provides you with a streamlined service.

Blank Cheque Stock

Gain top level security with premium blank check stock

Dataline offers the most secure cheque stock available that is pre-approved by the banks under DAN#: D5FBFANZ10678. Combined with our secure MICR printers it offers up to 15 advanced security features:

  • Chemically sensitised Security Cheque paper
  • Toner enhancement to “lock” the toner down
  • Frangible paper that tears off the top layer of the cheque if manipulated manually
  • Split duct fugitive
  • Solvent sensitive ink feature
  • Water soluble ink feature
  • Secondary fluorescents in the fugitive inks
  • Bruising ink
  • The watermark will glow blue under a black light
  • Thermochromic ink
  • Invisible ink feature: thermo-chromic ink will glow green under a black light
  • Security features printed using LINKS & secure Dataline Lexmark MICR printers
  • Warning band printed on front
  • Microprint underline font on the front
  • Secure E13B font printed on the front

Pre-Printed Cheque Stock

Premium cheque stock for advanced payment security

  • Save on stationery costs
  • Eliminate fraudulent activity
  • Achieve rapid ROI
Dataline supplies A4 laser pre-printed cheque stationery. We only use premium cheque stock to provide security for your payments.

All pre-printed cheques incorporate the latest security features mandated by the Australian Payments Clearing Associations.

We can supply A4 cheque with remittance and 3-up cheque layouts.

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