After 25 years of providing leading on-premise business solutions, in 2014 Inecom selected and launched MYOB Advanced Cloud Solutions to meet the more demanding solution requirements of today’s modern business.

From product launch to managing each upgrade, the Inecom team are fully certified across MYOB Advanced and are naturally well versed in project managing the implementation and support of MYOB Advanced and delivering the solution from “Top Floor to the Shop Floor”!

They recognise each journey as a new and significant investment for each client and that is why they have designed a reusable project process that enables their team to rapidly deliver the implementation and support of MYOB Advanced.

MYOB Advanced is indeed a full end to end suite of integrated business management applications, including:

  • Financials
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Accounting
  • CRM


Small and mid-sized companies reflect the largest share of Inecom’s client base and all have diverse needs. They find that each project requires an ERP solution offering the necessary flexibility, as their clients seek the services available to support the implementation of their unique business processes now and into the future.

Inecom are ready and waiting to assist your selection.

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Inecom 26th June 2020