Dataline Group Pty Ltd, an Australian payments and accounts payable (AP) specialist SaaS and software company, has released its latest case study showing the time savings and improvements to business processes experienced by Treloar Transport following successful implementation of Dataline APA+.

High costs associated with processing accounts payable continue to plague Australian small businesses.

Treloar Transport is a heavy machine hire and civil engineering business based in Sheffield, Tasmania. Like many busy small to medium enterprises, they were struggling with the mounting costs of dealing with the volume of supplier invoices that needed to be managed.

“No matter what anyone says, you still have to deal with paper.” Said Mr. Milham, Treloar Transport’s General Manager.  “It’s all over the place. Every month, one of our 3 days a week, part time accounts staff was taking at least 2 weeks to check and get all of our invoices into MYOB, have them approved by management and then filed away.  Plus, if we needed to find an invoice later on, it meant going through our paper filing system. “

Dataline Group implemented their Dataline APA+ solution at Treloar.  This combines outsourcing a number of accounts payable business processes to Dataline’s Sydney based centre and software to fully integrate a business’ MYOB AccountRight application with Dataline’s cloud portal.  Full setup and training is included as part of Dataline’s 30 Days free trial.

The results were immediate.

What was previously taking Treloar Transport approx. 65-70 hours each month has been reduced dramatically.

“We’re now processing our accounts payable in about 3 hours each month. We were told we’d save time but weren’t expecting results like these.” Said Mr. Milham. “The costs savings floored us.  It also didn’t cost us a cent up front to achieve them.”

“We’re very happy with the results Treloar Transport were able to achieve.” Commented Mr. Earl White, Dataline’s Sales and Channel Manager.  “For small businesses still working with paper and PDF invoices, we normally see them saving around 80% of their time and costs once they’re we’ve set them up on Dataline APA+. It was great that Treloar was able to go a bit beyond that figure.”

Read the full case study here

About Treloar Transport:

Treloar Transport is an award winning family owned business which has been involved in all facets of construction, civil contracting, earthmoving and quarrying in Tasmania since 1978. They provide wet plant and equipment hire across Northern Tasmania for Road Maintenance, Council and State Growth Road Works, whilst also completing contract works for local bodies.

Contact: Tony Milham, General Manager

03 6491 1686

About Dataline Group Pty Ltd

In the 25 years Dataline been working with businesses across Australia and Asia-Pacific, they have delivered millions of dollars in cost savings. By offering automated solutions and leading software as a service (SaaS), the company has made a dramatic difference to increase the efficient operations of clients.

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