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Accounts Payable Automation that can also offer your suppliers an early payment in return for a discount

1. Invoice capture

Automate your supplier invoices to be emailed to our system and our smart software backed by our bureau staff will ensure accurate straight through processing

2. Invoice approval

Connected to your accounting system, invoices are matched to purchase orders and customised workflows send emails seeking approval to review invoices on our secure platform

3. Supplier offer

Selected suppliers that you wish to pay early receive an email link offering early payment for a discount

4. Gain a discount

Supplier reviews payment offer and selects a discount rate based on new payment date. You receive notification of discount earned and new payment terms

Turn your discounts into a substantial return on your payables or use the discount to fund your payments


Dataline helps you optimise your Accounts Payable processing, providing you with high visibility daily of your business’ liabilities, and now offers the OPTION TO EXTEND PAYMENT TERMS with your suppliers, giving far greater flexibility and control of your working capital.

Working Capital Solutions - Be in control

Be in control of your cashflow & business funding decisions

By offering to pay suppliers early with unsecured, off balance sheet funding, you can:

  • capitalise further on supplier discounts available
  • free up valuable working capital to facilitate your business’ growth
  • extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days
  • strengthen your supply chain by also improving your suppliers’ cashflow.

Direct from within our Dataline online platform, you select which supplier invoices you want to pay early.

1. Invoice capture

With invoice automation, you select which invoices you elect to pay early with funding

2. Supplier offer

Selected suppliers that you wish to pay early in return for a discount, accept your offer

3. Automated delivery

Seamless, automated delivery of your invoice goes straight to our funding partner, FIFO capital for fast, easy payment to your suppliers

4. Early payment dashboard

View information which includes suppliers you have nominated for early payment funding and reports of payments made

WCS - A better way to manage your payables

A better way to manage your payables

  • Easy access to funds made available by FIFO Capital, with no borrowing and no security required
  • Strengthen supply chain relationships with suppliers you choose to pay early; you’re in control of who and when you pay
  • Workflow that allows you to benefit from supplier early payment discounts
  • Use discounts earned to fund working capital requirements
  • Extend your terms on any supplier invoice up to 90 days.
Working Capital Solutions-Unlock working capital

Why choose the Dataline-FIFO Capital solution?

Dataline has been providing proven accounts payable automation systems with knowhow for over 30 years. FIFO’s seamless online funding platform has been delivering cashflow to businesses since 2009.

You can be confident that you can automate offers to your suppliers for early payment to increase your revenue or improve your working capital.

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Working Capital Solutions 20th October 2015