Learn how AP automation can help your company grow


  1. Save time by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.   

 With automation, you can significantly improve efficiency in tasks like opening and sorting invoices, manual data entry and waiting for interoffice mail or overnight courier for approvals.


  1. Anytime, anywhere access via the cloud.  

Through a cloud-based network, you can not only have access to more storage and security, but also collaboration and control of sensitive financial documents and data. With simple and secure automation processes, you can access your system anytime and anywhere, through an online portal.


  1. Increased visibility  

With manual AP processing, it is easy for an invoice to slip through the cracks. However, through a fully automated process you know when invoices come in, which balances are outstanding, when payments are due, and who hasn’t approved invoices and payments.


  1. Eliminate paper from the process  

AP automation eliminates paper and allows you to analyse critical metrics while allowing you to see pending approval, how its coded and the dollars that are outstanding, in just one click.


  1. Expedite the approval process  

With new AP automation processes, you can reduce the time of reviewing and approving invoices to nearly nothing, by setting up all approval options during implementation.


  1. Streamline the accounts payable audit process  

Automation can lead to a simple and successful accounts payable audit. All documents are organised in a centralised, cloud-based hub, which allow internal controls that streamline payment processes including signatures, approvals, and fraud alerts. Through AP automation you can cut time required for auditor tasks to just a few hours.