In the drive for greater profitability, today’s organisations, whatever the size, are under constant pressure to find better, more cost-effective ways of doing business. One way to achieve this is to digitally transform your accounts payable process.

Dataline’s Accounts Payable Automation for MYOB is a cloud-based solution which provides immediate cost and productivity benefits, without the need for major investment in hardware and software.

Would your business improve with Accounts Payable Automation?

Using the Dataline system is as simple as ABC.

  1. No more data entry – Route your invoices to your Dataline email and our smart software will capture the data required from your invoices and our bureau staff will validate the data to ensure accuracy.
  2. Faster approvals – The system works with your MYOB platform, automating the check of invoice to purchase order and receipt of goods. With regards to non-po invoices, our platform will request approvals by emailing the authoriser to log on to our platform to view invoice and approve.
  3. The smart way to manage payables – Invoices are posted in MYOB ready for payment or use our platform to email an offer of early payment for a discount to your supplier. If the early payment is accepted, you win by earning a discount. Or use the discount to pay for short term funding of the invoice and retain your working capital.

Quote from one of our clients;

“Visibility of all invoices within the approval phase”

Implementation of the Dataline APA+ solution provided us with visibility of all invoices within the approval phase and reduced the physical processing time. Forwarding invoices to Dataline by email combined with built in OCR functions recover time previously spent keying and re-keying invoice data. We’re now better positioned to spend time on projects adding value to the business.

Alexander Tickle

Commercial Manager

Dolleina Health Care Service