Dataline has appointed a new CEO to bring AI-driven finance automation to the SME masses.

Trusted by some of Australia’s largest organisations, AP automation experts, Dataline Group, today announced the appointment of Paul Bellette as new CEO.

Dataline Group, a Sydney-based fintech company, specialises in Accounts Payable (AP) digitisation and process automation, using a tailored combination of people, Robot Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The market size for global accounts payable automation is anticipated to reach $4 billion by 2025, according to Adriot Market Research. This need for digitisation and process automation has, as a result of COVID, seen a rapid acceleration, as businesses of all sizes rush to conquer the challenges associated with remotely working personnel.

Founded in 1987, Dataline responds to this expedited market demand with a well-timed and strong move in advancing the company to the next phase of growth, appointing Paul Bellette as shareholding CEO.

Bellette says existing customers can enjoy seamless continued service, with optional additions of digitisation services such as purchase orders, expense management and our expanding AP Financing services.

While Bellette’s experience spans across a wide range of process automation services, his first focused area of direction will be growing Dataline’s sales partner distribution strategy.
“We have a unique ability to disrupt a whole market by making efficient, cost effective AP automation and finance solutions, previously reserved for large companies with large economies of scale, available to SMEs,” Bellette says. “By developing sales partner channels through trusted advisor chains like accounting and bookkeeping companies, we can make Dataline’s automated AP solutions available to the SME masses.”

With Paul Bellette at the helm, the company will also start exploring partner opportunities in UK and Asia.

Ken Swanson, Dataline’s Managing Director who will remain in the business, now as Executive Director, says “I am delighted to pass the relay baton to Paul Bellette. He has an attractive proven record in successfully expanding a medium sized business into a large international corporation and I am excited to see his leadership, vision and clear strategy transform Dataline into a new era.