Enprise Solutions is a cloud business software company.

The leading Australasian specialist provider of customisable cloud and on-premise business solutions based on the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo software platforms for mid-sized businesses.

The company is a division of Enprise Group, which is listed on the NZX Main Board under the code ENS.

Enprise Solutions develops, implements and supports MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced solutions which fit the business needs of customers, rather than requiring customers to fit their business processes to the software. Enprise offers cloud options for every piece of software it sells, including a broad range of companion products to extend the power of the MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo platforms.

The company supports around 750 MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Enprise’s leadership stems from the ability to:

  • offer cloud options for all of the software it sells
  • help customers chart the smartest path to the cloud
  • provide gold standard support, whether in the cloud or on premise.

MYOB Exo from the people who invented it

Enprise invented Exonet (the product now known as MYOB Exo) for the New Zealand and Australian markets. Former Enprise Group CEO Mark Loveys was the original developer, product designer and founder.

Enprise Group CEO Elliot Cooper was Exonet’s product manager and, along with Mark Loveys, designed much of the product’s functionality. Elliot’s extensive financial and systems-design expertise underpins Enprise’s capabilities in offering world class financial system solutions to Australasian small and medium-sized businesses. Today many of the current Enprise team are drawn from the original Exonet team who played a large part in developing and implementing what is now MYOB Exo.

Enprise customers get MYOB Exo from the people who invented it.

Today, Enprise prides itself on knowing both MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced inside and out, having highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants, and maintaining a strong track record in getting it right first time and implementing and servicing solutions over the long haul for a fraction of the price of competing solutions.

Gold-standard support

Enprise has one of the largest MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced after sales support teams in Australasia, with highly sophisticated onsite, online and phone support – all fully transparent to customers. There are separate teams for sales, implementation and support.

This means support resources are dedicated and not distracted by ongoing new implementations. The company has a rigorous and proven scoping and implementation methodology. They undertake to get new implementations right first time, minimising cost and maximising business value.

Enprise Solutions is a platinum partner for both MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo.


Enprise is a MYOB advanced and Exo-platinum partner

Get in touch

The company has offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Melbourne, Sydney, and Wellington.

Enprise can be contacted on 1-800 436774 (Australia) / 0800 436774 (New Zealand) or you can visit their website at https://enprise.com/

Enprise 10th February 2020