Dataline Portal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. How do I send invoices to Dataline for processing?

A1. When your Portal account is setup, you are assigned a unique email address to send invoices to, usually ending in Open your email client, create a new email and type your Dataline email address into the To field. You can optionally add a subject and message text. Now you can add PDF or TIFF image attachments to the message. In most email systems you do this by clicking on a button with a paperclip. Click it, search for and attach your invoice images then click Send.

Q2. How many invoice attachments can I add to an email?

A2. As a general rule, don’t attach more than a dozen invoice attachments to an email. The limit is 25Mb in total, which may allow more than a dozen attachments, but if you exceed this size the invoices won’t be received.

Q3. Can I send multiple invoices in one attachment?

A3. Yes, provided each invoice is separated by a blank page.

Q4. Why do invoices from some suppliers go to Exception Invalid Supplier?

Terminology: These FAQ’s refer to supplier business number, which varies in name from country to country. In Australia, it is known as ABN (Australian Business Number). In New Zealand it is known as GST number, in other countries it is known as VAT (Value Added Tax) or TIN (Tax Identification Number).

A4. The system attempts to match the business number captured from the invoice against supplier business numbers in the Portal. If there are no matching suppliers, or there are multiple suppliers with that number, the system moves the invoice to the Invalid Supplier Exception queue.

Q5. How do I find out if there are multiple suppliers with the same Business Number?

A5. First, logon to the Portal, select the popup menu near the logout button and choose Accounts:


Now click the Supplier Administration tab then  the Advanced Search button.  Type the business number you are searching for into the ABN field like this:

Now click Advanced Search to generate a list of suppliers with that business number:

This shows the account has six suppliers with a business number of 43000010300, so any invoices arriving with this number will go to Exception Invalid Supplier. To correct this you must remove all but one business number from these suppliers by editing the Supplier record and changing or removing the number in the ABN field.

Q6. How do I set the right supplier for an invoice when it is on an Exception queue?

A6. Click the Dashboard Exception link (PO or Non-PO) to see a list of invoices on exception queues. Alternatively issue a search for the invoice you want to update. Once you have located it, select it and click the Edit button. When the edit screen appears, click the Image button at the top right to display the invoice. Now you know which supplier to choose, click the triangle next to Supplier like this:

Now click in the Supplier field and start typing the name of the supplier you want to choose. The system will soon find and show a match:


Once the right supplier is chosen, you can add a comment and click Save or Save and Allocate.

Q7. How do I make invoices with Purchase Orders go to the PO Module and invoices without PO’s go to the Non-PO module?

A7. You can set individual suppliers to be PO or Non-PO suppliers by setting or clearing their
“Non-PO” supplier flag. To make invoices from a supplier always go to the Non-PO module, edit the supplier record and type Y into the field labelled Non-PO Supplier. (this field may also be labelled Custom String 2). To make invoices from a supplier go to the PO module, leave this field blank or remove the Y that is already in it.

Q8. I have an urgent invoice, how can I get it into the system quickly?

A8. Use the Portal’s Create Invoice Function, which is accessible from the main menu, provided you have the Create Invoice privilege (role):

You can upload PDF or TIFF images and fill out all the fields needed to get a new invoice into the system for immediate processing. Here is an example showing how to create a new PO invoice:

Q9. Why are PO’s in MYOB not appearing in the Dataline Portal?

A9. There is an overnight feed of supplier and Purchase Order data (where relevant) from MYOB to the Dataline Portal. This is usually setup as a scheduled task on the MYOB server. If the task doesn’t run for any reason (e.g. wrong login, insufficient privileges) then the data won’t be updated in the Portal. Contact Dataline or your IT team to get the feed working again.

Q10. How are Credit Notes (with negative totals) managed in the Portal?

A10. Credit Notes are loaded to the Portal but cannot be processed automatically. You will usually print them out, process them in MYOB then delete them from the Portal.

Q11. Some of our suppliers send both invoices and statements. How can I make sure we don’t pay an invoice twice when a supplier sends a statement to Dataline?

A11. Contact Dataline and ask if statements from certain suppliers can be automatically removed from processing. These need to be addressed on a case by case basis. Where we can positively identify a statement from a nominated supplier, it can be removed from processing or returned to the sender with an explanation of why it wasn’t processed.