Successful Bunning’s trial results in go-live for all Dataline customers.

The Dataline-PEPPOL (e-Invoicing) platform is now available to all Dataline customers.

Dataline has successfully connected customers and suppliers with the PEPPOL network and customers are now enabled for e-invoicing through the Dataline-PEPPOL network.

After a successful trial with our government clients and Bunnings we are now live with e-Invoicing and able to process PO and non-PO e-invoices, and credit notes across our various customer accounting systems.

PEPPOL is an extremely secure, international network that allows your company to exchange business-critical electronic documents with everyone who has registered as a part of the PEPPOL network. There are already hundreds of thousands of public and private companies that have done so.

Electronic invoicing (or e-Invoicing) is the automated digital exchange of invoice information between suppliers’ and buyers’ software through a secure network.

With e-Invoicing:

  • suppliers don’t need to print, post or email paper-based or PDF invoices
  • buyers don’t need to manually enter or scan invoices into their software
  • businesses can connect once and immediately transact with everyone on the same network.


Australia has adopted the PEPPOL framework as the common standard for e-Invoicing and Dataline can enable you to be PEPPOL compliant and enabled.

PEPPOL e-Invoicing is a new channel that is a more efficient, accurate and secure way to transact with your suppliers and buyers.

If you would like to connect with the Dataline-PEPPOL network, please fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.